Working Papers

  • The Effect of Wealth Shocks on Donations: Evidence from Children, Paper.

  • Social Status in Student Networks and Implications for Perceived Social Climate in Schools, with S. Alan, E. Bodur, and I. Mumcu, Paper.

  • Impersonal Trust in a Just and Unjust World: Evidence from an Educational Intervention with S. Alan, Paper

Work In Progress

  • Mitigating the Peer Violence and Crime in Post-Primary Schools: A Randomized Intervention, with S. Alan.

  • Scam identification ability, confidence and the use of digital financial services, with J. Cahlíková, L. Kaaria, L. Spantig, and E. Raiber, Pilot Summary.

  • Yes, You Can: Socio-Emotional Skills for Employability in Turkey, with A. Munoz Boudet, Z. Cemalcilar, J. Kluve and V. Levin.

  • Teacher Effects on Student Socialization and Inter-Gender Interactions, with S. Alan and I. Mumcu.

  • Killing Curiosity Softly: Role of Parenting and Teaching Styles, with S. Alan, E. Duysak, and I. Mumcu.